Welcome to Marvin Sewell's Website.
Photo by Gerard Gaskin, all rights reserved
What's up people, this is Marvin Sewell and welcome to my website. Hey, my CD is done!! It's about time. If you click on the picture above, it will take you to CD Baby in which you can purchase the CD. I'm not going to write too much for now, but I just wanted you all to know that the CD is ready and you can listen to samples on the link as well. I will soon give more details on the whole process on finishing the CD including more photos from the session. Hey more to come soon. Bye for now... Marvin Sewell
This is my National Resophonic. This is a style O. The guitar has two serial numbers: One on the body, the other on the neck. The body serial number is an X serial number, which is for the "Don" guitar made in 1934 according to its serial number. The neck is from 1940-41, style O. I love this guitar. The music below, I'm working on a couple of Beethoven piano pieces. Hard stuff, but it's great, love it!