Marvin Sewell: Guitars
This picture is from the recording session. I had such a great time recording the group. When I was asked to perform my music a couple of years ago, I never thought that I would later be in a recording studio recording my music. . I've been blessed to have great musicians play my music. I always learn something new on every show.

My Martins. The one the left was made in 1932 and the Tenor guitar was made in 1960
Joe Barbato: Accordion
Joe Barbato is a native of Boston. He also plays piano and guitar. You can find Joe playing all over town with various groups. His nickname is Sonny. Joe is such a soulful player. He can sit down and play some Donny Hathaway and then change up and play some Ravel. Joe is so musical.

Joe's Accordion
Rachelle Garniez: Accordion
Rachelle Garniez is a native of New York City. She also plays piano and guitar. You can find Rachelle playing with some of everybody and her own group, Rachelle Garniez and the Fortunate Few. Rachelle is the type of musician that adds just the right ingredient to a tune. So tasty that once I listened to a line she played on a song several times before I let the track finish.
Satoshi Takeishi: Percussion
Satoshi Takeishi is a native of a small town just outside of Tokyo, Japan. He's also a drummer. Satoshi plays with everybody. He has his own project with Shoko Nagai where he plays laptop computer. One of the great things about mixing the upcoming CD was really checking out the way Satoshi can take an idea and develop it throughout the piece. He has an amazing sense of time, space, and I love the way he uses tones to color.
Satoshi's setup.
Jerome Harris: Bass
Jerome Harris is a native of Brooklyn. Jerome is also an amazing guitarist. You can find Jerome playing with all sorts of artists and various styles of music. He's travelled all over the world and I had the honor of touring Africa with him a couple of years ago. Jerome is a complete musician. Every time the group performs, I find myself looking back at Jerome because he's always playing some amazing ideals. Jerome plays some great solos, but he also knows how to groove and stay in the pocket.
All the above photos by Gerard Gaskin, all rights reserved
This was the very first performance of the Marvin Sewell Group on June 5th, 2001 at Joe's Pub. From left to right: Rachelle Garniez, Sam Newsome, Jerome Harris, Marvin Sewell, Joe Barbato, Jeff Haynes, Ricky Gordon. All live photos by Tjade Graves, all rights reserved.
This part of the concert, we are playing "Uncle Redd". I wrote it in memory of my uncle.
You can only see Rachelle Garniez's Accordion in this shot, but she burning on a solo. I think we were playing Curry Catfish.
I'm playing a solo piece. It was the last tune of the show. I had such a great time. I have the tapes of this show. Everybody played well. I would love to make a CD out of this performance.