Here are some links to other artists that are on the scene making some great stuff. I will add more to this page in due time. Enjoy!
Val Jeanty
Val is a great artist. She played a big part in the production of my CD...

Check out Jerome Harris' site. This is a great site. On Jerome's site you can really see/hear/read the wide range of his musicianship.
Rachelle Garniez's site. Check out her new CD. She has a great band.
Lonnie Plaxico is a great bassist and composer. He has a great band. I played with Lonnie with Jack Dejohnette and Cassandra Wilson.
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This is my Lowden S10 guitar. This is my favorite acoustic guitar. Thank you so much George Lowden!!!
The Wonder Twins. I found the one on the left in New York, the one on the right in Chicago. Same guitar, different company names: Old Kraftsman and Kay. The Kay guitar I added a Firebird pickup.